Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Strawberry Preserve

  • Produced by Wilkin & Sons in Tiptree, England, Tiptree strawberry preserve offers a rich delicious strawberry taste with an equally rich history. The Wilkin family initially started farming in Tiptree in the eighteenth century and in 1885 founded what became Wilkin & Sons which has operated continuously since then besides a brief interruption due to WWI.

    The company's Tiptree strawberry preserve, so named for its production site, can be spread on breads, sandwiches, and pastries, as well as used as a source of decadent strawberry flavoring in baked goods, and as a savory fruit topping. Tiptree strawberry preserve is not only produced at Wilkin & Sons Tiptree production plant and headquarters, but much of the fruit used in producing this strawberry preserve, and other Tiptree products, is harvested locally, including almost one thousand acres owned and farmed by Wilkin & Sons.

  • Sugar, strawberries, (pectin & citric acid added when required).

Brand: Wilkin & Sons

Tags: Jam